Weekend Getaways from Chandigarh


When you have had enough of the city, your schedules and the hustle-bustle, it’s time for a weekend getaway. There are several weekend getaways from Delhi where you can go for the much-needed break. Breathe in the pure air of mountains, go sightseeing, get a dose of adventure, or bask in bliss and there are so many places to visit near Delhi that promise to make the most of your time.

While Agra and Jaipur have been the absolute favourites owing to their myriad charms, there is actually a lot on offer. Hill stations near Delhi have time and again provided the ideal weekend getaway. Enjoy lovely weather at places like Mussoorie, Shimla, Chakrata, Dalhousie and Nainital, among others. Weekend getaways at hill stations provide amazing time with your friends, family and loved ones.

Jaipur : From Chandigarh 520 km

Manali : From Chandigarh 300 km

Nainital : From Chandigarh 520 km

Shimla : From Chandigarh 130 km

Dharamshala : From Chandigarh 245 km

Amritsar : From Chandigarh 230 km

Bikaner : From Chandigarh 560 km

Jim Corbett National Park : From Chandigarh 330 km